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 The Elusive Mensch: A Quiz

A Mensch is certainly not easy to come by, but first one has to know one to find one. According to Webster's College Dictionary, a Mensch is a decent and responsible person. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word as a person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose. The following quiz is designed to help determine your personal Mensch Identifying Ratio (MIR).

If the guy has almost all qualities from column (A) and is limited to at most two from column (B), he rates high on the "Mensch scale."

Column A
Column B

FUNNY: more like Jerry Seinfeld than Jerry Lewis

CORNY SENSE OF HUMOR: does his Jackie Mason impression at every party

HONEST: shares bachelor party stories with you ... but spares you details on the stripper

TOO HONEST: shares bachelor party stories with you ... he thought the stripper was "fine"

ROMANTIC AND PRACTICAL: has a house account with 1-800-FLOWERS and dials it often

PRACTICALLY BROKE: he spends hours on 1-900/HOTMAMA trying to meet people

AMBITIOUS: occasionally works weekends but is always home for dinner

WORKAHOLIC: takes his beeper to bed...but is not on call

WINES AND DINES: loves risotto con porcini and pronounces it perfectly

WHINES ABOUT DINING: if it's not on his discount card, you're not eating there

INVESTMENT SAVVY: solvent, stable, and risk-free

NOT FINANCIALLY ASTUTE: thinks stock market means livestock

EXERCISE ENTHUSIAST: lifetime member of New York Health and Racquet Club

EXERCISE ENTHUSIAST: swears by Richard Simmons

FOOTBALL FIEND: Entices you to take in a game at the Meadowlands by taking you shopping in Secaucus

FOOTBALL FIEND: has Sports Phone programmed before his mother on speed dial

NOT EXACTLY ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF FASHION: but looks great in his ten year old jeans

NOT EXACTLY ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF FASHION: doesn't know that flood pants were never in style

SMART: interested in discussing the issues, not beating them to death

PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL : reads the newspaper cover-to-cover and quizzes you over dinner

SINCERE: says the sweetest things and puts it in writing, too

SAPPY: uses baby talk on the first date

HANDY. took a course in the art of massage and does all his homework with you

TOUCHY-FEELY: has sweaty palms



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