What singles say about Robin's coaching and books:
Lauren: "Robin is part healer, storyteller, therapist, best friend....and a comfy couch!  She designs her practice around each individual.  There is no fool proof path or a one size fits all plan. Robin REALLY listens and responds to your personal situation with compassion and direction."

Ethel: "I love working with Robin.  She's smart.  She cares. She meets my needs.  She doesn't let me give up on myself.  Too bad she's not a single guy!"

Russell: "Robin has given me loads of valuable things to do, places to go, and has kept me on the path to finding the right one.  Between her books and coaching, she has helped me take a targeted approach to meeting the type of women I want in my life.  She has been both a friend and a coach."

Rachael: "Robin got me back into the swing of things when it came to dating and having a good time on a date.  Her techniques encourage you to be yourself and listen to your "inner" thoughts.  Her advice is sound and practical, inspiring you to not only try new things, but to bring out your best attributes.  I highly recommend Robin for anyone who wants a positive spin on the socializing experience."

Henry: "I found Robin's approach to seeking a relationship honest and simple.  She quickly customized a plan for me to find singles (unlike other coaches who unnecessarily drag out the process).  I chose Robin because  she is an expert at dating/relationships (she definitely is wise), and in the process, also discovered she truly understands men (some guys may be inclined to seek a male coach assuming only another guy can really help) which made me very comfortable in declaring what I most want from a female."
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