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Hi, I'm Robin, The Love Coach!

Since writing my first book How to Meet a Mensch in New York, I have lectured extensively, hosted singles nights, and appeared in films and on television and radio worldwide. You may have seen me on The Today Show, CNN, Good Day NY, etc. Taking my own advice, I married a mensch (decent, responsible person), and I share my story and those of others in my latest book How to Marry a Mensch.

In addition to workshops I've led across the country, I have personally worked with singles to help improve their social lives. Some of the things we've discussed include:

  • How to be socially strategic if you want to meet a mensch
  • How to act like you want to get married, and not just think it
  • Identifying self-defeating patterns re: your choices in a date or mate
  • How to take stock of your past relationships
  • How to identify a non-commitment minded person
  • How to recognize a mensch & why you deserve to date and marry one
  • How to determine what is most important to you in a mate
  • How to stay on top of the latest socializing activities
  • How to pursue internet dating in a smart & safe way
  • How to "think out of the box" when putting yourself out there
  • The benefit of having a prop as an ice-breaker
  • �.and much more.

When I work with a client, there is a questionnaire you complete that I review as a jumping off point for our discussion. We then meet or schedule a phone chat, or a combination of that, and email exchanges.

My goal is to empower you to believe that you can meet your "Mr. or Ms. Right Mensch" and to discuss challenges you've faced, what would make you happiest in a relationship, how you can work toward attracting the right kind of love in your life, what activities you may pursue�etc.

I am here to be your personal sounding board, cheerleader, etc . If you think you've heard it all or tried it all, make an appointment, and you will learn about possibilities that can both enrich your life and enable you to socialize more strategically.

If you are looking to widen your social circle, both personally and professionally, we can also discuss networking opportunities and business functions that you might attend, and ways to connect with other men or women you might like to befriend.

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Interview with Robin:

If you have a guardian angel and you're looking for love, ask for a love coach. The hottest love coach in New York is Robin Gorman Newman, who has coached hundreds of singles and literally "wrote the book" on dating in New York. "People don't have a lot of time on their hands. Everyone is doing so much. It's overwhelming to have to worry about socializing on top of all of that. Figuring out where to go and what to do is like having a second job. As a love coach, I do the homework for them," says Robin.

Unlike dating services that specialize in matchmaking, love coaches help single people find places where they're more than likely to "bump" into Mr. or Ms. Right. Robin, who perhaps is the country's first "love coach," is an expert on where to go to meet people. Her book, How to Meet a Mensch In New York, is filled with information on places where professional people socialize in the NY tri-state area outside of the club scene. A mensch, though often used to describe a male, is a Yiddish word that means "an admirable human being or a person of dignity and integrity." Robin defines a mensch as "a decent, responsible person even your mother would love."

Robin, though married, remains keenly aware of the problems that people face in the dating world. She dated for several years before she met her mensch. "I recognize how hard it is to be single," says Robin. "I don't think that one ever forgets the challenge to meet Mr. or Ms. Right." Her lovecoaching business resulted from research and writing of her book. The book is extremely comprehensive and can even be used as a social guide to simply meet interesting people.

On the hundreds of hours that Robin spent researching and then writing the book, she says, "It was definitely a labor of love. I really view the book almost as a public service." From that research, she created a niche for herself in an area that had gone untouched - advising single people on finding the best social venues for them to meet other singles. And, she is in demand. She has been on many major national television networks including CNN, NBC, and the BBC. Robin is also a chat host for Digital City NY on AOL. Her book and interviews have been featured in The New York Times, Crain's New York Business, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, the New York Post, as well as several other publications.

"I think that most people can benefit from a love coach," says Robin. "It helps to have a third party come in and assess your social life. What I focus on is helping people become more socially strategic. What I do is actually map out a plan of action for somebody. I help people cut through the meet market clutter."

Adults typically socialize at clubs and bars. According to Robin, most people are not aware of other settings to meet people or they need guidance and encouragement to partake in new social settings. This is where a love coach enters. Robin devises a plan of action to meet other singles, based upon her client's interest and lifestyle. For example, for the New York City sports enthusiast, she might suggest "TRACS of New York" which is a club that organizes coed touch football, basketball, softball, and volleyball. For the culturally motivated person in Westchester, she might suggest attending the Symphony Singles Concert Series of the New Orchestra of Westchester. Wherever you live and whatever your interests, she hones in on different places to meet dynamic people. Not only does she devise a plan of action, via in-person or telephone, but she also gives her clients support during the dating process. She also advises you on the do's and don'ts of dating in a world where nouveau and traditional styles often clash. She's a real coach.

All types of people seek Robin's coaching, even young guys who are a hot commodity on the dating scene. Like most clients, they are looking to get out of the bar scene. "My very first client was a surprise to me. He was a 21 year old man who was actually quite good-looking," says Robin. "He wasn't looking to get married, he came because he was looking for new socializing ideas. He just wanted to have a good time."

The majority of Robin's clients tend to be people in their late thirties and early forties. "I tend to deal with very successful people. They are very busy people. They've been so successful on a professional level and suddenly they wake up one day and realize that there's more to life," says Robin.

"Who wants to work and live alone in a vacuum? At the end of the day, how much happiness does that bring you, without someone to share it? Whether it's a spouse, friend, or partner, life is so much more interesting when there are other people in it who love and support you. Without that, I don't know where I'd be."

For Robin, love coaching is not just a business, it's la joie de vivre. She loves talking to people and encouraging them to take a positive outlook on life. A good attitude, she says, is essential for dating. She emphasizes that even though you may not have met the right person, that person could be just around the corner. She tells her clients to be open to meeting new people. "You really have to give people a chance. Try to stay positive because if you're not, no one's going to want to be with you," says Robin. "Take your checklist and throw it out the window because you're never going to find all qualities in any one person."

That's part of her "Three R's of Dating." That one was "Right Attitude." The other two are the "Right Place" and the "Right Time."

"The Right Place is putting yourself out there where the odds of meeting someone are going to work in your favor. If you're a man, for example, pursue cultural activities since they're usually female dominated. If you're a woman, get involved in some kind of outdoors or sports activity. The summer, obviously because of the weather, is the best time to do that. So, you can join a softball league, take a golf lesson, or join a tennis league. Consider going on a vacation that is kind of sporty like a Club Med or a Club Getaway or take a bike trip for a weekend, hike or camp. Even just hang out in the park. Seinfeld met his ex, Shoshona, in Central Park! Put on those roller blades, go walk that cute dog in the park, you never know," says Robin.

For example, women say, 'If a guy loves me enough, he'll marry me.' No. He's not going to marry you if he's not ready," says Robin. "There's a reason for everything. Guys are pretty black and white.; They don't do what they don't want to do. And, you can't always explain it. Oftentimes it is just because it is not the right time for him and it may be the right time for you. But, you have to want the same thing at the same time as the other person. It doesn't matter how crazy you are about each other. The relationship is not going to work out if your immediate goals are not the same. You just have to accept that and move on. You can't make somebody 'get ready.' "

Although that sounds harsh, Coach Robin is there to give you the good and the bad. Yet, there is never any doubt that she is your number one fan. She gives you the extra push to "get out there" and, on the contrary, to sometimes "get out of it."

"Everyone deserves to have one good boyfriend or girlfriend in their lives who will know how that person wants to be treated. To accept anything less than that is really doing yourself a disservice. It's true," says Robin. "You don't want to be with just anybody. What's the point? There's no challenge to get married. The challenge is to be happily married."

"When people are in a relationship that is less than 100%, they often make so many justifications for the relationship. Down the road, when there's a problem, it will come back to haunt them. That problem, I'm sure was there all along," Robin says.

"The main reason why I am a love coach is because I really want to help people. It's so gratifying to me to feel that I can actually change somebody's life. If I can give somebody a new outlook on their social life, that makes me feel great," says Robin. "If I can help somebody find the love that they've always wanted or bring more friends into a person's life to enrich it through socializing activities ... what a wonderful thing!"

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